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Biotropical Institute offers scholarships every year across the world

Applying for your scholarship is very easy !

There are options all over the world for you to become an international certified professional

**All scholarships are for courses or diplomas in the country you choose. They are all direct and instant for our certified students according to the number of scholarships available, and they all include accommodation, transportation, all the activities involved and the international certification. The same requirements are applied for the volunteering programs which may include accommodation and food.

You can apply for your 2018 scholarship until October 15th 2017

Scholarship programs


Venice, February 2018

Course in "Marine Biodiversity Handling and Rescue" or in "Environmental Education Techniques with Ethnic Groups and Communities" in the beautiful city of Venice ! 

Number of scholarships : 4


Thailand, March 2018

The Tibet Scholarship is developed every year in somewhere in Asia. In 2018 it will be in March in Thailand. With two options, the first in the Khao Yai National Park, the great sanctuary of wild elephants and the first of the country or at the sea, in the incredible NP Khao Sam Roi Yot, with its langures on the beach.


Number of scholarships : 11


Peruvian Amazon, June 2018

Course or Diploma in the Peruvian Amazon about Wildlife Handling and Biosecurity, and then you can opt for a volunteering with fauna in a rehabilitation center, which includes free accommodation and meals. Excellent !

Number of scholarships : 12


Galapagos Islands, June 2018

Course and volunteering option in the Galapagos Islands with accommodation included in one of the most exceptional places on the planet. Few places, if this is your scholarship, decide now !

Number of scholarships : 4

Northern Lights

Iceland, September 2018

Course in Biotourism in Iceland, where you will navigate to observe cetaceans in the number one spot for whale whatching in Europe! And of course, you won't miss the Aurora Borealis. 

Number of scholarships : 4

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Senegal, October 2018

A naturalist Safari in West Africa with a previous optional course in Barcelona : "Biology of the Conservation of the Great African Mammals and Primates".  And, if you request it with time, you can do a volunteering for a month with free accommodation !

Number of scholarships : 12

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