Biotropical Institute International Courses Terms and Conditions

Biotropical Institute (BI) organizes courses, workshops and other educational and academic events around the world, usually in partnership with universities or organizations with similar goals. Courses are also verified and certified by IWR - International Network of Wildlife Rescue Centers and Conservation Programs - for an optional international certification, scholarship, volunteers and job offers.


To register, the student must be over 18 years of age. Anyone who is passionate about wildlife, nature and ethnic groups can take part in this course, though it is essentially an activity for university students where formal and / or experimental training is prioritized.


IBT organizes all the training and logistics necessary for the smooth running of the course. The student will receive a program containing relevant details and timing. Unless otherwise indicated, the course does not include accommodation or meals. In the event that accommodation and / or meals are included in full or in part, this will be mentioned in the program.


The price of the course never includes individual health insurance (which is compulsory to participate) or transport to the starting point of the course.


In no event will BI be responsible for the costs arising from natural phenomena (floods, earthquakes, etc.), outsourced logistics services (transport, accommodation, etc.) or situations resulting from products purchased by the student (delays, hotels, etc.).


Before purchasing the flight or transportation, the student must contact BI to confirm the start and placement of the courses in the proposed dates and venue. If the student buys his transport, accommodation or other services without confirming with BI, BI declines any responsibility.


If a student can not come to a course, is late or must leave before the end, transfers and other related expenses will be borne by him, and no refund of the unused portion is possible. Only in case of overwhelming force, BI can offer a second course to the student.


If one of the teachers in the course can not participate or needs to be replaced, BI will replace it with an equivalent professional.


In the same course, participants may have paid different prices. This is common given that the price of the event depends on the date of registration, a grant or scholarship available to the student *, agreements with universities, etc.


Scholarship: Students benefit from completely free courses and must pay only for accommodation, meals and extras such as entrance tickets to private nature reserves or other services with third party inclusions. 

  • BioEuropa / NorthernLights / Tibet / Amazonas Scholarships: Students receive the course free of charge as well as accommodation.
  • Scholarship in Africa: Students attend the course free of charge and, upon request in advance, have the right to free volunteering, with accommodation included.


Once enrolled in a course, the student can not claim a refund except in the following circumstances:


1. Cancellation by BI: Refund of the whole amount paid by the student.


2. Change in Date or Location: If the course is to be changed from date or location and these changes are not suitable for the student, he may request a full refund of the total paid.


3. If, during the course, the student's expectations are not fulfilled: Even once the course has begun and for the first 48 hours of the course, BI will refund the full amount paid by the student, except for services rendered to third parties which the person has already benefited (hotel, transfers, etc.).


4. Once the course is over, no refund is possible.


5. Guests who have received full or partial scholarships are not entitled to any reimbursement.


The refund will be issued the first week of each month within 45 days of the formal written request by Paypal system.


In sections 3 and 4 above, in case of student complaint, an international file will be opened detailing the claim and the justifications of both parties, with a case study and an abstract audited by IWR. Any scholarships, bursaries, certificates or transactions in progress between the student and any organization belonging to IWR- including BI- will be suspended until the final decision of IWR which, at the end, will send a conclusive statement to the guidelines of the corresponding organizations .


Any other disagreement shall be resolved by the competent authorities and the competent international bodies.


In the specific case of Wildlife Management and Wildlife Handling courses, teachers will be able to manipulate or contact wildlife caught or captured by appropriate standards. This option will be the sole responsibility of the student in case of injury or damage.


From 6 people, IBT can organize a costumized course, choosing the destination, activities and dates.


All other aspects will be described in the student's file and in case of doubt, it is recommended to send a letter to ensure the traceability of the questions and answers.


This document must be returned before the beginning of the course, dated and signed.